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08-Dec-2017 01:17

It smelled like straight up tires with Armor All on them. After an hour or so I started to smell more of the leather instead of rubber when the amber began to play.

Batch Number: Unknown (Production Date: Unknown) Age: 25 From: Trade Size: 75 ML Scent: 3.25/5 (Meh). Black gets it to the very point that once a friend of mine tought we skidded whilst driving when he cought a wiff of this.

I even pick up the jasmine a good bit, much more than the low vote it gets here. But as a few have noted, the scent does not match the bottle.

Sample it from a fellow fraghead, go to Macy's(free), Sephora(free) or Ebay for a sample of this. It is an original scent and I can only recommend it. Surprised to see the leather note voted so high here.

Blind purchased this and Body Kouros based on my appreciation of Annick Menardo's Xeryus Rouge. Without luck, gave it two nauseating hours to see if it settle down into something more palatable. I had a victim/friend all picked out - but she works in a hospital.... It was an undercurrent that prevented the powder from becoming too girly or baby's bottom. Yes, it's a similar type of scent, but it's not a twin, or even immediate family... If you love Mi P, there's no guarantee you'll even like this. At this point I've honestly lost track of how many times I've smelt my wrist on the car ride home from work.

Days later was haunted by it when washing the clothing I had been wearing at the time. I decided it maynot be worth my life in gifting this to her. The overall effect is comforting and, yet, sexy - if that makes sense... From the back and forth reviews, recommend you try before you buy. When I do get home I plan on immediately showering away my old cologne to give Bvlgari Black a well-deserved place on my body. I have held off purchasing it because of the elusive "rubber tire" scent..while I do get that accord shortly after, it fades and this is just a lovely slightly smokey hot steamy cup of tea.

I do not think this is a fragrance that would do well in the cozy cold night unless your SO is 100% into this fragrance, as it will turn people off if they don't like it. The notes and reviews didn't disappoint as this was a blind buy. Something really fresh about it but not in a soapy way. Edit: same day I wrote this bought a back up lol I'm only human. You crave that smell because you two are bonded together. I hate that smell, but Black is bitter and a little pungent like real Green Tea in Japan, not the sweetened green tea we drink here in the states. It is mysterious and makes my nose curious for more.